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Windshield Service

Windshield Service

Driving with a cracked windshield is unsafe and will lead to a ticket in the state of Arizona
Your Windshields could save your life

- Absorption of impact in case of a vehicle crash: a good windshield could effectively absorb the impact stemming from passenger airbags in the event they are released. In case the windshield is impaired or imperfectly fixed, it may lack the capacity to endure the impact.

- Prevention of occupant ejection: A large number of fatalities during a car crash or rollover take place as a result of victims being ejected from a vehicle through the windshield. A good windshield that is properly fixed could significantly reduce the chances of getting thrown from a vehicle during a crash.

Arizona windshield replacement law states that if a crack impedes driver line of vision, the windshield must be replaced. Cracks in the windshield can be repaired to prevent having to replace the entire windshield, but you must take of small cracks immediately before they spread and become too large to mend.

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